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Truly excellent design is more rare than you might think and often rather slow to catch on. But it does occasionally happen. So was I pleasantly surprised to see a brand-new barge with a design feature that I’ve been hoping to see for years? Absolutely.

The barge pictured below is a bunker barge: designed primarily for bunkering ships. That is, to come alongside ships that are moored or at anchor and pump fuel to them. Ships don’t go to fuel docks – the fuel dock comes to them. These bunker barges may be pushed or towed alongside and will carry varying types and amounts of cargo (fuel) depending upon the needs of the ships they serve.

What makes this one different than other bunker barges? Rather than having the typical unprotected sharp corners, this barge’s bow curves gracefully around and is protected by built-in, wrap-around fendering…..

…..which also wraps…

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